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A thank you letter to every person whom contributed to DL in one way or another.

I thank every person who had contributed to DL, whether it's ideas, lessons, or even whole languages! The community which built this platform is the reason this is being held together, many people form around the globe contributing to keeping this website steady, despite what people may / may not like. The dedication that many people give to making new courses, those who bought PLUS, those who reported issues, and many more, have helped this language website keep growing. I can imagine that many people have gone somewhere due to this app, and that's because of our contribution to this website, and also to the many whom were dedicated enough to spend many hours learning, trying out new things, and just... Helping this website.

September 20, 2019



Thanks to all the users who report bugs, abuses and not accepted right answers. Thanks to everyone who helps new users when they need help of any sort and responds to questions regarding languages even thought not contributing to any course. Thanks to all who studies here constantly. Good luck to you all!


Thanks to people who are moderators ^^


Thank you for making this possible UWU


Thank you to the educators


With Duolingo, I study German and Italian from English. Since all these languages are foreign to me, I am sure you won't blame me if I say I feel proud that I have suggested eleven translations that Duolingo now accepts as correct answers (seven for the German course and four for the Italian course). I am glad I was able to make my own contribution to this wonderful project. And of course, I want to use this opportunity to say a special 'Thank You' to all those people who created the two courses I am working on. You are fantastic, and I have been enjoying your lessons very much!


Re: Algarve11, indeed!

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Laboratory, thank you for this post, and the contributions you make to this community, and also for this post.
And you have nailed it, that it is all of us that are the reason for the success of Duolingo.

To point out some of the more formal ways people contribute, another resource that is useful, and makes a difference to our community are those that Host community catchups. Checkout more about those here

To read a bit more about the different types of Global Ambassadors, check out this

And I also want to take this opportunity to do a shout out to the amazing staff who are so key to the resources and success to Duolingo. Those who give their skills to developing and maintaining this platform. It can not be sufficiently said how amazing they are. For also many of them, this is so much more than job that they are paid for. Their seeking of both quality and providing this quality of these resources for free for learners is also the backbone of what allows us as a community to provide the reality of this dream.

Thank you each and every one of you staff members !

It is also one of my honors in life to have the opportunity to also get work with you, to know such amazing and passionate people. And something I am continuing to look forward.

And then there is this community, this world wide community that interact and learn languages. Thank you each of you who do this for the benefit of yourselves and in a way that is of benefit to others. For those that choose to not just follow our guidelines, but do so in the spirit of those guidelines.

Those that also hold their peace when, as we are world wide community, that someone says something inappropriate. Thank you for down voting inappropriate comments, and also not responding to people who say inappropriate things. For when we do that, we can give people who have inappropriate intentions more fuel to carry on with further comments, and also they can feel rewarded and justified for their behavior. So thank you each one of you who chooses to not interact with people who act inappropriately.

And even more so, thank you each of you who DOES interact with people who are seeking to learn another language, or more effectively use Duolingo. You are changing the world for the better when you do these things. Thank you for this great gift, every one of you.



This post made me smile.. so nice to see this. :)


Yes thoughtful indeed


This is a great community! :D


You've got to give to everybody, everyone's contributing to a better tomorrow.


Jay. A good post!


Thanks to all the moderators and contributors!


Yes, it's their work that makes Duolingo so great now. Thank you for recognizing them.



By the way it should be "who" not "whom".


The9, an interesting thing I read recently, "whom" appears to be on it's way out of contemporary English. (I can't recall if the article just meant American English or the wider English speaking world though.)

Also, I am not meaning to embarrass anyone. Just was reminded suddenly about the article and thought I'd mention it in case anyone was curious.


I can't believe I lived to see the day when the top post was positive XD. Legendary PFP, couldn't agree more.


Great topic! Keep up the good work.
Thanks for posting.


Think about the effect on the world as a whole when you give so many people the ability to understand each other better.


How can one contribute?


Yes this is so true. Nice to see some people care.


...who* contributed... not whom!


can yyou please tell me what DL means?



Ein Kampf vereint!

Viele Danke!


How'd you get so many lingots


No idea, to be honest.


People like when someone is positive and kind. :) That's why.


For some reason I have no spoken lessons :'( The sound is always back in an hour but never does come back . My Spanish is getting better


Hi Murphy2u,

I recommend checking the Help page. If you don't find an answer there, at the very bottom of the Help page are links to the Troubleshooting forum and a bug report form. I hope you can get it resolved! If not, Just make it a habit to say everything out loud as you go through the sentences. I actually turned off my mic in my settings a few years ago and do that. It ended up giving me more verbal practice that way anyhow. Good luck! :)

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