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  5. "اِسْمها لَمى."

"اِسْمها لَمى."

Translation:Her name is Lama.

September 20, 2019



I would rather read the name Lamii instead of Lama because it has a ي in the end.

September 20, 2019


Actually this is Alif Macúrah ألف مقصورة and it has no dots below. It is spelled as (á) but written in that way for reasons related to orthography and sometimes in relation to grammar. Some names in Arabic bear this instead of a regular Alif for historical reasons as well, like عيسى (Jesus) and موسى (Moses).


Though this is new to me, but still I read these names accordingly while reading the Holy Quran


I don't see an 'ya' , I see 'alif maqsuura' . With other words not Lamii but Lama. Agree?

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