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  5. "Livia, give me the wine."

"Livia, give me the wine."

Translation:Livia, da mihi vinum.

September 20, 2019



I wrote: "Livia, dona mihi vinum". Donare (alicui aliquid) is a verb as good as dare. It is also well known from the hymn "Dona nobis pacem".

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Can I ask how polite this is to say, in Latin? Would I say it to someone I had just met, at a garden party, or is it an abrupt demand, with a shade of "You stupid incompetent girl" associated with it? Taa!


I think "Livia, da mihi vinum" would probably sound pretty rude as opposed to "Livia, quaeso da mihi vinum". Probably depends on how much you're bothered by people not saying please and thank you (idk tho).


I believe it was Quinn (I might be wrong) who argued that Catullus’s ‘dā mī bāsia mīlle, deinde centum’ is reminiscent of how one would talk to a merchant in the forum: ‘Give me half a pound of olives, then two of that pork.’ Considering that, yes, it could quite likely come across as rude. Adding quaesō (as pointed out above), one would assume would make it more proper, if you will.


DL accepted "Livia, mihi da vinum." But in a previous question would not accept "Quaeso mihi da vinum." Is it the comma? The "quaeso"? Am mystified ...


Mī should be accepted for mihī; it is well attested. I reported it.

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