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  5. "Arwa has a weird cat."

"Arwa has a weird cat."

Translation:عِنْد أَرْوى قِطّة غَريبة.

September 20, 2019



Would 'أَرْوى عِنْد قِطّة غَريبة' be incorrect?


Yes, that would invert the ownership: A weird cat has (owns) Arwa.


It says to me: "You have a typo. "أروى عندها قطة غريبة.


I wrote قط غريب (tomcat) and it "corrected" my "typo" to a gender-confused cat: قط غريبة

-Edit: It occurs to me that I might have missed something about cats in Arabic. Are all cats a feminine noun, regardless of the sex of the particular cat being discussed? If that's the case, then I guess even when mentioning a male cat, one would use feminine adjectives. So - is that true? Thanks. /Edit

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