Adding pronunciation to vocabulary

Can you add written pronunciation for the words in the vocabulary? (e.g. using International Phonetic Alphabet

It would be helpful in understanding the exact way a word is pronounced.

By the way, learning a language using DuoLingo is amazingly fun. I feel I am leaning way faster than I could by any other means. Thanks a lot. :)

July 25, 2012


I'd like to see IPA as well. The mock-ups ( showed some other phonetic script (the one Merriam-Webster uses?), but instead of changing it to IPA they got rid of it entirely. :(

July 27, 2012

I would like to see IPA too

July 27, 2012

Even basic help with pronunciation would be very helpful. There are some words where I'm not sure which sound is being used.

July 3, 2013
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