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"This country's coast is very very long."

Translation:ساحِل هٰذا الْبَلَد طَويل جِدّاً جِدّاً.

September 20, 2019



Can someone explain why coast is the first word in this sentence?


For the same reason that "room" is the first word (in Arabic) in the sentence "Professor Rania's room is in my office" etc. That's how you make a possessive/partitive in Arabic: saaHil albalad = the country's coast.


TJ_Q8 explains at length here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34240456 Below, indeed_danish does a good job of explaining that it's probably best to think of it as "coast of this country."


this is iDofa eg بيت الله is allah's house رسول الله allah's prophet or مطعم محمد mohammed's restaurant SO COUNTRY'S COAST IS ساحل البلد. صحيح؟.


Why is not " this " the first word? Like هذا الساحِل البلَد الطَويل جداً


Consider it like this, "coast of this country is very very long".

Since هذا also makes the noun definite, it acts somewhat like ال in that regard.

So, consider it like "the coast of the(this) country" for translation purposes, but instead of just ال, you also add هذا before it.


It would be really great if they had introduced possessives in the tips section I


Where can I find the tips?


Right above the "start"/"practice" botton on every lesson that have ones. But only when you use a proper computer and not one of those tiny mobile computers that poeple calling "phones" for some strange reason.


Well, it's not quite true that you can't access the "tips" on a tiny mobile computer: you can, in fact, download the web version of Duolingo on it. I have both on my tiny mobile computer, and do the lessons on the app, but check the tips on the web version. Incidentally, I once learned to my cost that it is indeed only a tiny mobile computer, when my "phone" stopped working, and I found that the "phone" was only one of the many apps of this minute computer.


They're in the Hobbies 1 chapter.


How can I possibly have a typo when I am not typing?


well i hv to follow yor game


Something troubles my mind: Can I use a definite case in a possesive construct - like, in here, to write "السّاحل هذا البلد" - and if so, why isn't it used here? As far I understand, the alternative way to write this sentence in English is "the coast of this country is very very long.".

Also, since I'm already commenting: why does "beach" not accepted as equivalent to "coast: in this lesson?


Coast is the word for where a country or continent meets the edge of an ocean or sea. Not all parts of the coast have a beach. There are rocky cliffs, too.


Well, shortly after posting this I remembered the rule saying never to use defenite for the possesed in iDaffa. My bad.

The question regarding "beach" still bothers me, though.


There needs to be a comma between the "verys". 20210303

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