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  5. "Mereka dijadikan pemimpin."

"Mereka dijadikan pemimpin."

Translation:They were made leaders.

September 20, 2019



How about "Mereka dibuat pemimpin." or "Mereka dibuat jadi pemimpim." ?


"Mereka dibuat menjadi pemimpin" can work.


Both mean the same thing so both should work??

[deactivated user]

    Work or not, well it's relative.. generally it works, but it's unusual. When we talk about such problem as above, we won't be talking about grammatical, or linguistic problem. Instead we'll have to talk about culture and pattern. So grammatically correct, but not common to say it that way in Indonesian. Generally we would use dijadikan.


    What does "They were made leaders." mean? I am not a native English here. But I think it possibly means something like "They were made to be leaders". Am I right?


    As explained in the tips section , "di-kan" functions either causatively or benefactively. Although the official English translation is "They were made leaders", this Indonesian sentence does NOT mean that they were FORCED to become leaders, according to a native speaker.


    So, the nuance of "causative" in "dijadikan" is not so strong, it's neutral. According to the native speaker, "Mereka dijadikan pemimpin" suggests there was a peaceful mutual agreement on the leadership appointment between "mereka" and others.

    If you want to add the nuance of "forced", you need "dipaksa". As we have learned from the "ter-" skill, terpaksa means "to be forced/have to do".

    "Mereka dipaksa untuk menjadi pemimpin." (They were forced to become leaders.)


    Its about context and in english, 'they made leaders' would also be valid! Jan '21

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