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  5. "The moon is small now."

"The moon is small now."

Translation:اَلْقَمَر صَغير اَلآن.

September 20, 2019



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Why is it not possible to put الآن at the beginning of the sentence?



Actually, the truth is, it is possible to put الآن at the beginning of the sentence. :))


Is اَلآن the article with a noun? I've tried erasing ال from it, but it doesn't make any sense. For اَلآن, Google gives "right now"; for لآن it gives "because"; and for آن it gives "that". Could someone kindly make sense of that for me? Edit on 20/09/20: instead of marking me down for my ignorance, could someone kindly answer my query? Also, google translates it as "right now", suggesting there's a different Arabic word for simply "now". But is there?



2al-aana الآنَ is ظرف زمان zharf zamaan. Perhaps in English it's called as adverbial time.


what is the difference actually between أ and آ


The difference is the length of the vowel: short a-sound أ (if vocalized with fatha) long a-sound آ‎


I cannot find how to do the tilde superscript (long a-sound) with my keyboard.

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