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  5. "He is my sister's son."

"He is my sister's son."

Translation:Er ist der Sohn meiner Schwester.

April 21, 2013



Why I need article der here?


Think of the English 'he is THE son of my sister', which is equivalent to 'he is my sister's son'.


I am picking up that the object seems to get the definite article when dealing with the genitive, but I'd like someone to confirm this for me


I thought you could also say "Er ist mein Schwesters Sohn" but Duo rejected it. Thoughts?


It should work with "...meiner Schwesters Sohn", but it's rarely used and rather formal


'Er ist mein Schwesters Sohn' is a strange construction for a German speaker. Sounds as a word-by-word translation from English. I'm not sure it's correct either.


I know that we're supposed to use genitive, so the right answer is "er ist der Sohn meiner Schwester". But is it also possible to say "er ist der Sohn von meiner Schwester"?


No. The meaning would be: "This is the son i have with my sister" yikes!


I know... but in another multiple choice exercise I failed because duolingo wanted me to pick genitive and a sentence like that with "von". Haha


I think you are wrong, she.at.duo. And AnaSrsh is correct. In the explanation on the Genitive Lesson it is said (at the bottom of the page) you can use dative construction with 'von' instead of genitive.


Wouldn't the English sentence "He is my sister's son" be better translated to "Er ist ein Sohn meiner Schwester?

The definite article in "Er ist der Sohn meiner Schwester" seems to imply that my sister has only one son... Could a native speaker confirm or deny this?


why not 'Schwesteres'? I've got 'Mannes' in other sentences.


Only masculine and neutral nouns get the added s in genitive


Ack, it's going to be so hard to remember not but in a "of" (von) with meiner >.

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