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  5. "Samia is an Arab professor."

"Samia is an Arab professor."

Translation:سامْية أُسْتاذة عَرَبِيّة.

September 20, 2019



Is it going to ever translate this stuff?


What is difference between adding ة to end of أستاذ and not adding?


The 'taa marbuta' (ة) is added to the end of the word when the direct object is feminine (all nouns have genders I think, but this can also apply to women).

e.g. if the professor identifies as a man, it'd be spelt and pronounced أستاذ, but if they identify as woman, then it'd be أستاذة


بروفيسروة وليست استاذة


I don't understand the order of these words. On some lessons, the nationality adjective would come before their occupation, other times vice versa. Sometimes it's interchangeable, and sometimes not...help!


Is "ustadzah" translated to professor?


Absolutely, it is a feminine gender word."Ustadh" is also related to professor, but it is a male gender word. To make any word feminine, you should add "a" or "ta mudrah" to that word.

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