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How can you fight a wrong/unfair downvote?

I translated something and somebody downvoted the translation although it is not wrong.

Also it is possible that somebody misuses the downvote feature and I am wondering what can be done against it.

June 20, 2014

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I have the same situation... ?


try to talk to the person first, explain the guidelines, last option (in hard cases) contact Duolingo


thanks, and did it worked in your case?


First the person did not answer, but after other users complained on his wall too he reacted - he was not aware of the rules. Still the downvotes are not deleted, but they disappear when you reach the next stage.


Have the same problem right now - just got two downvotes on an article from the same user, one time translation was completely correct, other time I had a typo in a long sentence...kinda annoying when I'm trying to make it out of the first tier. Already wrote on his wall... alexander490 and sijambo, if you could take a look at the article - I guess i basically just need to collect a few more upvotes and then I'm in the next tier and won't worry that much anymore...https://www.duolingo.com/translation/760cf55e43e2236655a702a07c97ade8


I had the same problem (someone downvoted all sentences that I had translated in that article). Because of that I contacted the member who had uploaded that article.


How can you see who downvoted? I received 23 downvotes today from probably one person that are not correct. I would love to politely contact him/her.

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