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"The rich woman has an angry parrot."

Translation:Femina pecuniosa psittacum iratum habet.

September 21, 2019



Try throwing some fish at the bird.


That damn drunk parrot caused of the fall of rome


Until, one day.. femina pecuniose psittacum iratum interficitis!


Interficitis is 2nd plural I believe. It should be "interfecit" which would be "she killed." Also it's "pecuniosa" not "pecuniose." At least I'm pretty sure...

Tamen, hoc iocosum est! Bonus stercus.


Here's a cool fact about the word stercus : despite the -us ending, it's NOT a 2nd declension masculine noun (like servus, Marcus, amīcus , etc.), but rather a 3rd declension neuter noun:

stercus, stercoris , n., dung, manure, excrement

(There are a series of such nouns: better-known 3rd declension neuters that end in -us are: onus, oneris , n., load, burden corpus, corporis , n., body tempus, temporis , n., time

Since these nouns are neuter, the adjectives describing them have to be neuter as well.

So, if you want to describe stercus as "good," you must use the neuter singular (nominative / accusative) form, which is bonum .

The masculine bonus can't modify a neuter noun like stercus .

A good phrase one can remember is the name of the sublime Mozart hymn, "Avē, vērum corpus " ("Hail, true body [ of Christ ]"). )


what's wrong with dives?


You're right--it's a fine word for "rich."


How is this about food? Unless she ate the parrot. that would be a good reason for it to be angry

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