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  5. "We are this child's parents."

"We are this child's parents."

Translation:Kami orang tua anak ini.

September 21, 2019



Is "We are the parents of this child." correct?


Yes, you can say "we are the parents of this child."


No, because that would be "kami orang tua dari anak ni" or "kami orang tua dari anak ini". Dari means of/from.

[deactivated user]

    You see, our language wasn't derived from Germanic, or Romance lingua family. Germanic and Romance tend to emphasize "of". Here in Indonesia, some of us make a fun out of it. The word like "van", "von", "de", I guess it's just not our culture. Plus, I believe you can also translate dari to of. Like Leonardo da Vinci, or Leonardo of Vinci. In here, we'll translate it as Leonardo dari Vinci. And quick bonus, Germanic and Romance language also tend to emphasize article "the". We hebben dat niet ook, We don't have that as well. If a person say, the man, or der mann, we would simply say pria. If the "the" intrepreted as specificallity, we would say pria itu (that man), or sang pria (the man). You might conclude that sang is the, well it's not. Once again, you're learning a complete different language by system and culture... Cheers.


    The word "of" doesn't always have to be translated.


    Words convey ideas; so both would be correct. Translations do not have to match grammatically as long as changing the grammatical form doesn’t change the meaning.

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