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  5. "Soldiers, you fight well."

"Soldiers, you fight well."

Translation:Milites, bene pugnatis.

September 21, 2019


[deactivated user]

    “milites bene pugnatis” actually means “You, the soldiers, fight well”. An address to the soldiers should preface “milites” with “o”, and an address does not usually (in literary Latin) begin the sentence. Thus I expected “bene, o milites, pugnatis"


    Eventually, Romae Duo will answer to your expectations.


    Would 'O milites, vos bene pugnatis' work? Why or why not?

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    Thank you, deactivated user, for the comment about an implied salutation of "You," because doesn't pugnatis mean You (singular) fight well? If so, this sentence is incorrect without the implied salutation.

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