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  5. "Magistra est femina."

"Magistra est femina."

Translation:The teacher is a woman.

September 21, 2019



If I say: the female teacher... is'nt that ok?


The female teacher is a woman. Seems too redundant.

The teacher is a woman. Is enough.

But in other sentences, "female teacher" for magistra, could certainly be accepted!


How about "the teacher is female", or "a female"?


Being female is not the same as "a woman".

You could argue for "a female" eventhough that still doesn't mean exactly the same. But there is an overlap and atleast it has the same grammatical function.

I would stear clear of it though. It is a slippery slope to feminine and masculine. Just stick to woman and man.


I put the former and got it wrong, not sure whether to report it though.


No, "est" means he/she/it is.


?? Your reply has nothing to do with the question asked.

Female teacher and teacher both are 3rd person singular


actually the sentence is redundant in itself. But i think it is the way to teach people that are not familiar with the genre of the nouns uu

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