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"The state of Georgia is old and very pretty."

Translation:وِلاية جورْجْيا قَديمة وَجَميلة جِدّاً.

September 21, 2019



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It's very detailed to be talking about each state of america...when people are from around the world....why choose to teach us about American states.... there are some actual big countries that Duo hasnt taught us yet? What about Brazil, Columbia, Russia, New Zealand, Thailand...etc etc?


Hah! I had similar thoughts when I first hit this sentence and others like it. Maybe the course contributors were thinking about native speakers of English learning Arabic, and trying to casually chat in Arabic with Arabic friends, maybe fellow university students, about things like where they come from. Some other commentors have asked why these lessons don't have more place names from Arab countries, although Beirut and Damascus etc. do show up. I remember another comment thread in this course where someone a few months ago asked where Baku is, and someone else answered that it's the capital of Azerbaijan, in the Caucasus on the Caspian Sea. Right about then Azerbaijan was suddenly in the news a lot because of a brief border war it was having with neighboring Armenia. Similarly, the U.S. state of Georgia has been in the news a lot since last year because of controversies about electoral politics. If someone is trying to practice reading Arabic a little by, for example, looking at Arabic-language news feeds on Twitter, being able to recognize Georgia or Baku in Arabic script is nice, haha!


Add-on thought -- the course contributors may also have thought that it might be good for learners to expose them to a phrase like وِلاية جورْجْيا -- just choosing a random U.S. state name -- you can see the singular noun form there that corresponds to the plural form that is the first word in the Arabic for "U.S.A." -- الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية -- it's also worth noting that the Arabic word for "state" in the sense of "nation state" is different, it's دولة --

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