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Duolingo on android tablet/phone

Hi Guys. I recently got a tablet it is a nook tablet), and i was happy I will get to use duolingo while traveling, but to my disappointment the site will not load. It opens the home page, but the video andthe login area is missing. I tried opening on afriend's phone, also with android OS< but i get the same things. I have tried different browsers too, but still the same things. Has anyone used it on android tablet or a phone, and did you ahve any problems like I do?

April 11, 2012



Anyone have any news about this question? I tried to open in Opera Mobile, but it is not possible to use the microphone (at least I can listen the sound in the lessons)


"iOS app is coming this fall - Android app to follow." https://twitter.com/duolingo/status/238351470976696320 =D


I am successfully using it on my Pantech Burst with Android version 4.0.4 and the Dolphin browser. I hope this helps.

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