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New problems

Lot's of audio's has been recently re-uploaded and the pronunciation of the written words in Arabic are WRONG. be careful. I guess duo won't fix it! but i hope members see it and not compromise the sounds, because for a beginner they get very confusing and you end up learning the alphabet wrongfully!

September 21, 2019



I have noticed problems too and I do use the "report" button.


Can I see an example?


In the later lessons sun letters are read as moon letters. You hear al-shams, not ash-shams.


im just starting arabic so dont know enough about right or wrong but when the male voice who sounds kinda young gives a letter(s), it isn't very clear especially compared to the female voice.

i think it was a letter with a short a ? i dont remember. i remember i was more looking at the text and letters than paying attention to short unclear audio for help in finishing the task.


you are right but this voice not for Arabic it is from google Translation So it is not correct. this is in my opinion


If you are interested and fluent enough you could sign up as a contributer? Though only if you are fluent. Are you sure it's incorrect rather than a dialect difference though? Think of someone from the Southern USA vs Northern Ireland vs New Zealand, they are all using totally different vowels, but i don't think any of them are doing it "wrong"? I think Arabic is at least that diverse, if not more? https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply

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