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Go dté sibh slán beo, a chomhfhoghlaimeoirí!

A Duolingo code change that was introduced earlier this week has made it impossible for me to do anything in at least the “www” subdomain of duolingo.‍com — my guess is that this code change now requires certain browser features that are not found in the browser versions that I can run on my ancient laptop. At this time I can no longer do lessons, do anything in the Shop, or even log in; the only reason that I can still post in the forums is because I was logged in when this code change was introduced. As a result, once I need to restart my browser or reboot my computer, I shall no longer be able to do anything on Duolingo. While I still have the ability to post in the forums, I can only wish all of my fellow learners the best of luck in pursuing your linguistic goals.

Coinnígí oraibh, a lucht labhartha na ngalltheangacha!

September 21, 2019



It appears that the code change also affected the current version of Safari on MacOS. So there may be hope that it will be fixed.

I am able to repro the behavior and will continue to search for a workaround, though I am not extremely hopeful that I will find one.


My understanding is that Safari 13.0.1 (the latest version at this writing for High Sierra and newer) broke quite a few things, including the Safari extension ecosystem for previous Safari versions (up to 12.1.2).

I appreciate your efforts on trying to find a workaround, but based on previous Duolingo behavior, I doubt that they themselves will restore the functionality to those of us who use older well-functioning hardware.


A moderator from the Swedish forum said he's got "the most updated version of Safari on a brand new Mac", that it was working on the Duolingo site and suddenly stopped at about the same time you reported the problem with Firefox. His Safari also continued to work with the forums after the lessons became unavailable. That sounds like something that was done on the DL site, and I have to believe (or at least hope) they won't want to cut off Mac users running the most current software.


I have no doubt that this is due to a Duolingo change, and I’d be surprised if they wouldn’t try to make the latest version of Safari usable, but time will tell if they take the same attitude towards “legacy” browsers and operating systems. (Years have passed and they still haven’t restored the previous functionality of “bell” notifications for discussion updates.)


A Schilling, an bfuil sé go fírinneach? Ní féidir leat sinn a fhágáil!


Seo é lomchlár na fírinne — is “marbh clóscríofa” mé mura bhfillfeadh Duolingo an t-athrú cóid sin.


What browsers/versions are you using? I can do some testing to see if I can find a work-around.


I use (and prefer) Firefox 45.9.0esr — because my laptop’s CPU lacks SSE2 instructions, I can’t use newer versions of Firefox ESR.


I'm very sorry to hear you may be leaving. Your commentary has always been extremely valuable, and often more so than that of the official moderators. That said, I do understand your inability or unwillingness (no judgement made as to the distinction) to invest scarce resources just to maintain your involvement here. I hope something, somehow, will change and enable you to stay, but all the best to you either way, mate. Go raibh maith agat!


At this writing, there is no “may” about it — once my browser closes, I shall no longer be able to log in unless Duolingo reverts (or improves) that code change.

Each of the moderators (and more frequent forum contributors) brings a different perspective to learning the language, and I’d like to think that my perspective has also been of help to some of the folks who read the Irish Discussion forums. Go ndéana a mhaith duit, a Mharcais!


In my experience, Duolingo uses cookies to maintain a user session between browser restarts.

If you have configured your browser to clear cookies when you close it, you might want to change that setting for the moment.


When I select my browser’s “Taispeáin Fianáin …” (“Show Cookies …”) button, it shows that I currently have no Duolingo cookies set. Unfortunately, it looks as though in my case that there would be no relevant cookies to preserve through a browser restart.


Do you have a phone? Can you get a new comp? You could use a library comp......


I have a phone, but it was manufactured in 1958. ;*) (I don’t have a mobile phone.) A replacement computer is out of my budget. Use of a library computer requires a library with hours of operation that coïncide with my availability.


Would your budget stretch to a used tablet? Is there a CeX shop near you - they have very good offers in-store and online (https://ie.webuy.com/search?stext=Samsung%20tablet&sortBy=relevance&sortOrder=desc). The Duolingo app works on tablets. You'd be a loss to Irish leaners here.


No — my budget is extremely tight. I live in rural North America, so the nearest CeX shop to me would be somewhere in Mexico. (I don’t live in or near Mexico.)


Ufásach ar fad! Tá súil agam go mbeidh tú ar ais arís ar Duolingo. Go n-éirí leat!


Go fírinneach a shílim nach bhfillfidh Duolingo an t-athrú cóid sin; dá bhrí sin a shílim nach mbeidh mé ábalta anseo a theacht ar ais. Go n-éirí an t-ádh is breátha leatsa, a Mháire!


Slán a chara!


Slan agat, a Chríos.


I'd appreciate very much if you'd stay here. (Can't you do some crowdfunding?) If you don't: go raibh dhá mhíle maith agat!


At this point my ability to stay here is entirely up to Duolingo. (I don’t expect them to revert that code change, never mind even acknowledge the problems that other users with other browsers had noted in the Troubleshooting forum last week.) My computer worked well with Duolingo for five years, and I have no interest in making an unaffordable purchase because of their latest development decisions. As Scutigera noted in this discussion, Duolingo is gratis only for those who can afford it; with this code change, I can no longer afford it.


Ta bron orm ... if only our dang lingots could get a giftcard or something


If only our danged lingots could be used to convince Duolingo management to make better development decisions … but since I can’t get into the Shop, I couldn’t even use my own lingots to purchase Development Direction there. ;*)

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