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"Corinna, ubi est stola tua nova?"

Translation:Corinna, where is your new dress?

September 22, 2019



¿can i say 'stola nova tua'?


I had this marked wrong: 'Corinna, ubi est stola nova tua'


Latin Word Order: a Latin Possessive Determiner Adjective preceding its Noun is more emphatic than when following its Noun. • Stacked AdjectivesEnglish usual word order: Determiner > Number > ... In Latin, when adjectives precede, they generally have the same order as in English • When the adjectives follow, the opposite order is usually used • It is also usual for the possessive to precede the noun when vocative

Latin Word Order: Structured Meaning and InformationSyntactic structure - how Latin syntax functions as a vehicle for pragmatic and semantic meaning. • Thoughtco

In Latin, the form of the vocative case of a noun is often the same as the nominative. Exceptions include singular second-declension nouns that end in -us in the nominative case. • Latin Vocative caseLatin Noun DeclensionOlīvaCloāca

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Psittacus perfidus gerit...


presbyopics gotta look carefully. got error 4 misreading now as new.


Why isn't "Corinna" in the vocative?


'Corinna' is both nomative and vocative


term of the 1st declension have vocative equal to nominative (and they are, the majority, feminine, no neutral, a few masculine)


Marked wrong for typo in Corinna

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