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  5. "Stolam novam celamus."

"Stolam novam celamus."

Translation:We hide the new dress.

September 22, 2019



That's where Livia's new dress went!


As I didn't know what were the difference between a "stola", and a" toga", I've checked.
(I think the course could be much better, if instead of the too many parrots, it does use the words in a sentence where we could guess the meaning, for instance "The patrician lady wears a dress (translated as stola)."

Stola is a long feminine dress. Used by high rank ladies (not plebs), matrones ("mother" of the house, married women). Not just a dress.

On their statue, Athena and the other goddesses wear "stola".

Roman married women also wear a kind of big wrapping shawl, like a mantle.

I think I don't need to paste the picture of a "toga", as everyone has already seen that. "Toga" is a dress (a robe) for men.


Is there a difference between articles "a" and "the" for this?

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