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  5. "What did you say, Mara?"

"What did you say, Mara?"

Translation:nuqjatlh, mara?

September 22, 2019



The first letter of any Klingon sentence is not always capitalized. {nuqjatlh mara} is correct.


That's correct. Though the Duolingo software sometimes gets confused and capitalizes the first letter of a sentence which shouldn't have a capital and even occasionally turns all capitals from sentences it shows into lower case.


That's awkward. I've noticed it seems to change between shown answers and the correct answer.


Yes. If it shows you the correct answer at the bottom of the screen (usually when you get it wrong, but occasionally when you get it right too) that will always be exactly as we have typed it into the database. But sometimes (particularly in multiple choice exercises) it messes up the captalization in the choices shown.

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