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It clicked!

I was listening to the podcast about the opera singer, and I experienced the wonderful sensation of finally understanding a foreign language! It was beautiful! Honestly! I didn't understand all of it, but I honestly think that was only because I lacked vocabulary, not listening comprehension. This may be easier than I thought!

September 22, 2019



I was walking through the store when I saw mi tienda on a box I though wow thats funny that is my store in spanish... holy crap it is spanish holy crap I read that! I'm only a month in but it was such a cool feeling.


It's a great feeling. I also love when my pop-ads start popping up in Spanish (that's how I know I'm putting enough time in on Duo and Spanish Dictionary) and I can read most of them!


¡Estaba escuchando el podcast sobre el cantante de ópera, y experimenté la maravillosa sensación de finalmente entender un idioma extranjero! ¡Fue hermoso! ¡Honestamente! No entendí todo, pero honestamente creo que fue solo porque carecía de vocabulario, no de comprensión auditiva. ¡Esto puede ser más fácil de lo que pensaba!


"No entendí todo, pero honestamente creo que fue solo porque carecía de vocabulario, no de comprensión auditiva." Yo también! Por lo general, Español está demasiado rápido, pero el podcast es claro y comprensible. Necesito más vocabulary, no de comprensión auditiva (en el podcast.) El vocabulario -- estoy aprendiendo sobre la marcha.


Also, I just love Javier Camarena. There are some really wonderful examples of his singing on YouTube (including many of the famous encores mentioned) and there are more discussions with him en español. Worth checking out! Also, I really appreciate that he spoke so clearly and slowly so people like me could actually understand the words. Pretty impressive Duo was able to get such a big star! Gracias!


That sounds great. Let us know when you start dreaming in your new language. I've heard that folks come to that point.


This is inspiring. That feeling must be awesome. Just congrats buddy and keep it up.

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