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"bIrchugh qamDu'lIj, vaj paSlogh yItuQmoH!"

Translation:If your feet are cold, then put on some socks!

September 22, 2019



The recommended English is ... put on some socks, but wouldn't that be 'op paSlogh yItoQmoH, and as written it should be ...put on socks? Thankfully it accepted it without some, but it shouldn't be recommended to have the some? Or am I ignorant of something about optional specification in Klingon? (which actually seems more likely.)


It's the specification in English that you're being overly careful of. Some here acts almost like an article, smoothing the sentence that can equally well be Put socks on. It's just the non-specific counterpart of Put the socks on, the way Eat an apple is the non-specific counterpart of Eat the apple.

'op paSlogh yItuQmoH has more of a feel of Put on a non-specified quantity of socks.

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