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  5. "Livia has three busy sons."

"Livia has three busy sons."

Translation:Livia tres filios negotiosos habet.

September 22, 2019



We could also use the dative: Liviae sunt tres filii negotiosi.


Because they are busy (and men) they do not make their beds or put their washing in the machine. That's why she is tired and angry. Soon, she will be living by herself and they will be renting in the city.


Does tres necessarily come before filios or can it change position in a sentence like adjectives?


As far as I read, it can be either "filios tres" or "tres filios", because I've found that:

"et genuit filios tres et filias duas"

" et habuerunt filios tres et unam filiam"

"Redeamus igitur ad Noe, qui genuit ante diluvium filios tres et sortiti sunt uxores"

From Liber genealogus ("The Liber is generally regarded as an anonymous Latin work of Late Antique Christian scholarship which summarizes much of the genealogical material in the Bible")


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