lets be friends

hi any one to chat?

September 22, 2019

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How are you Bro?!!

I'm verrrrrry fine!

where are you from

i am from Algeria

? who me i am from Algeria and you

i am from Algeria too

?i am from relizane and you

hi rahaf how are you

hhhhha fine but i am farah not rahaf

hh sorry farah where are you from

Yooo man we are here!!

I know "guys" used to in the Gatherings!

What's up maaan?!

If you want anyone, I am the first person can chat with you.....B)....h

We are alllll fine man!

hhh good i am abdo i am from morocco and you?

Me Mohammed and I from Jordan!

nice to know you mohammed tell me about your self

What I can tell you.. I'm university student, my specialty is computer science. Love Technology and trying any thing new for me!

I am fine thank you and what about you? Are you fine?...B)...h

?i am fine hmd where are you from

I'm from Jordan! are you both?!

and now I am online.......... I am from Oman......B)...k

what do you mean??,,B)

I mean where are you and selsa from

Algeria?! Hello Hello from any where!!

?why you are from Algeria

Me?! I from jordan!

nice to meet u bro

?what do you do in your life

Just study and study and study... then Watch videos in YouTube :") what about you?!

ان كنت تقصدين في مسابقة الدوو فانا في المستوى الذهبي

انا سنة اولى جامعة .. كان يومي الاول امس!

I am Ahmed not hmd

كنت اقصد مستوى دراستك

no problems. thank you very much......B)..l

nice to meet you bro

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