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"De ponte in urbem descendimus."

Translation:We descend from the bridge into the city.

September 22, 2019



Would “We come down from the bridge in the city.” be acceptable (IN, not INTO)?


To me that seems more like it is describing where the bridge is (the bridge in the city) rather than a movement from one place to another.

Curious what others have to say about it.


It is objecting to 'come down' in this case (though it is accepted elsewhere). Reported.


In urbe = 'in the city'

In urbem = 'into the city'


I'm having issues with the difference between descent and descend. Prolly doesn't help that I pronounce d and t very similarly due to my first language (along with p and b).


Descend /dɪˈsɛnd/ • / d end / ɛnd // Descent /dɪˈsɛnt/ • / t ent / ɛnt //

An enunciation difference between / d end / ɛnd // and / t ent / ɛnt // is the sharp, crisp plosive occlusive cusp and cutoff to the / t ent / ɛnt // versus the longer held, comparatively drawn out / d end / ɛnd // plosive occlusion

[ meant /ˈmɛnt/ ] • [ -⟨ed⟩, variously pronounced as /t/, /d/, or /ᵻd/ [ dip /ˈdɪp/, dipped /ˈdɪpt/ ] • PlosiveAlveolarIPA

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