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I can't believe I did it!

It might seem like a trivial thing, but for me, it's huge. I achieved my 100 day streak!! Can't believe I actually managed to do that. I started learning Spanish more than 3 months ago just for the plain fun of it. You see, I always wanted to learn another language (I know 3 languages), and Spanish really attracted me. It was tough, and some days I would practice just to keep my streak going, but you know the hard work is worth it when you actually start using it on a daily basis (i work as a waiter at a hotel trying to save money for college). You see, so many Spanish people come visit, and I always surprise myself when I understand more and more of what they're saying, and let me tell you, the feeling is incredible:). Thank you duolingo, you're awesome!

June 20, 2014



Hola! Yo soy Harry!

If you can understand it congratulations!


I can understand your Spanish well, but you can even eliminate the yo in that sentence. Soy means I am, so the yo isn't necessary. Good job though!


soy Mahmud, mucho gusto :)


Que idiomas hablas?


Just make sure you keep it up! I just lost my 120 day one :(


Felicitaciones! yo también he aprendido muchas cosas de español con duolingo, aunque siguo no hablandolo perfectamente este sitio me ha ayudado muchisimo en el aprendizaje de nuevas palabras que no conocìa. Y tienes razòn, aquella sensacciòn que describiste es increìble. (perdone mi accentos raros, mi teclado es italiano).


That's cool. You speak three languages and now a bit of Spanish. You are the perfect waiter, sir. Felicidades.


haha thank you :D


This reminds me of my struggle with the Spanish tree.
Now I'm working on improving my German learned at school and Duolingo helps amazingly!

!Sigue así! Keep up the good work!


thank you so much :)

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