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Hebrew formatting is off?

I keep getting the answers wrong because 1) I don't have a Hebrew keyboard so I have to copy and paste it from Google or a virtual keyboard, and 2) when I do copy it in, it reverses everything from R-L to L-R (English formatting). Just thought I'd point this out, hope it gets addressed.

September 22, 2019



because i don't have a Hebrew keyboard either, i use the lessons that show the Hebrew words to chose from. It goes smoothly.


Would it not be the easiest to add the Hebrew keyboard layout? Should save you quite a bit of time, and let you learn to touch-type in Hebrew as an additional benefit.


try doing a virtual keyboard, from windows help idk maybe try?


I have a virtual keyboard- this is easy to use. Or do that on the phone


I do not have a Hebrew keyboard


Intentionally, or your device doesn't allow you to install one?


I have walked into a similar, if not the same problem - from my Android phone I am unable to get my "fill the blank" answer recognized as correct because the word order in the rest of the sentence (given by Duo) is reversed. Luckily, I can get it done normally on the computer.


Every computer and smart phone in the world can install a Hebrew keyboard. On your smartphone, it will automatically have an onscreen keyboard that you can simply choose the letters from, and computers can put an onscreen keyboard up. Once you've learned the letters well enough, you should learn to locate them on your keyboard and begin to peck until you find the letters. Every system can have a Hebrew keyboard. You just have to install it. And it's free!


Let me hold you to your word :)

One of my laptops runs Ubuntu 18.04. It does many wondrous things except for showing the Hebrew keyboard layout - I know it's there, the Hebrew language pack appears to be installed, but I can't turn it on ... any ideas?


I don't think such systems are user-friendly enough for me to get involved with them. I wouldn't know where to begin. I installed Ubuntu on an old desktop years ago, and it became effectively useless to me.

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