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When listening to the Hebrew speakers, learners need a "speak slowly" button. The female voice, in particular, speaks much too fast to be understood.

September 22, 2019



☆ I think this would be an important addition. It takes the western ear a while to get used to these unfamiliar sounds. PLEASE ADD, DUOLINGO!


Fingers crossed....!


It would be great to have also speaking exercises in Hebrew, as there are in many other languages.


In absense of dedicated speaking exercises, one can practice by dictating the answers instead of typing then on. I do it often when Duolingoing on the phone


me, too. saves me typing


שלום Dimitrij how do dictate the answers on the phone? Can I do it by switching to my memo notes? But then duolingo wouldn't get my answer ... ??


Just press the microphone button on the keyboard. If you don't have one, Google how to enable it on your phone.


I think it would depend on the phone. Mine is an Android Motorola-something. So, when I am in the Duolingo app, and the onscreen keyboard is in the Hebrew layout, there is a microphone icon in the top left corner of the keyboard (if in English, it is in the top right corner). This icon activates the speech-to-text function.

But again, this is in my phone, and yours could be different. Hope it works out for you!


I think the male voice is actually just right, I find him really clear and easy to understand, but I agree the female voice is too fast about half time.


Once in a while to the right of the Speak button another, smaller button shows up, with a stylized צב נחמד on it. I assumed they were for slower speech, hit them a few times - to no effect.


The slow turtle button works for Spanish, French and most other courses that have ttc but not for Hebrew, Irish or any other course with recorded sounds.

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