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Train your ear: slowly spoken news in Hebrew

[deactivated user]

    In a commendable effort to help Hebrew learners, the Israeli Ministry of Education maintains a website with brief reports on current events (among other things). The reports are written in relatively simple, easy-to-understand language and many of them include a clearly narrated audio version of the text.

    Any and all instances of biased information are, of course, the exclusive fault of the Israeli government. ;)


    September 22, 2019



    thanks for sharing! I'm going to bookmark this.


    How cool. Thanks so much. Let's hope they keep this up if the government changes.

    EDIT: I couldn't understand any of it - how disappointing :(


    Glossika.com has some easier to understand stuff with audio. Not a lot but you can import stuff in and it is growing.


    Looks interesting. What is glossika? Is it a bunch of individual sentences or are they longer texts and dialogues?


    Sorry, I meant lingq.com , there are short stories/articles. (Some of them, but not all, are from Hebrew teacher Alisa Zingerman's website Hebrewstories.com Glossika has sentences with audio (like Hebrewpod101.com).

    There are also the Streetwise Hebrew podcasts (Guy Sharett has a Hebrew course in Israel and does those awesome "learn Hebrew" walking tours.. Search streetwise Hebrew on YouTube to see what I mean ) that have audio transcripts and Hebrew transliteration / translation for the words used. The Hebrew version of the podcasts (the exact same podcast but in Hebrew) is available for a reasonable price (imho), $5 a month, for his patreon supporters and includes additional things... This way you can hear the audio in Hebrew and English and read the Hebrew with the English.

    if you do the $25 a month you also get a monthly live chat with guy and the other supporters on Skype.

    Sorry for any grammatical errors or typos, I'm about to fall asleep and really don't want to reread this...


    Thanks for replying! I tried Lingq for Spanish but did not like the interface too much (plus the free comtent was very limited). I prefer BliuBliu (similar) but there is not much Hebrew content there at my level. I really like Streetwise Hebrew too, I listen occasionally the free English version of the podcasts and even those are really good. No need to apologize for typos... see my username.


    I'll double-endorse Guy and Streetwise Hebrew (I'm a patreon supporter). More importantly, he also throws in a lot of 'real world' Hebrew - the vocabulary I learned here is great for getting me through reading and the like, but his podcast helps with sounding authentic in the language.

    (Plus he's screamingly funny.)


    Nice! I didn't know about that.


    On hadshon.edu.gov.il, every day is a slow news day :)


    This is fantastic. Have some lingot!


    Bigger I liked.......

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