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  5. "He is the head of the house."

"He is the head of the house."

Translation:Ille est paterfamilias.

September 22, 2019



That is a weird sentence; “Paterfamiliās est” is much closer to classical Latin. The pronoun is implied by the verb (and wouldn’t “is” be better than “ille”?) and the gender is obvious by the predicate.


I don't see what is weird here.

"The gender is obvious by the predicate".

It doesn't mean that using the personal pronoun is wrong.
The version without the personal pronoun is more common, but it doesn't make the other one weird or wrong.

"Is" is not better than "ille", they are different. There are difference in the connotations. If someone can explain them in detail, it's not me for now.


is "Ille paterfamilaris est" wrong?

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