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  5. "Shopkeeper and waiter."

"Shopkeeper and waiter."

Translation:Pelayan toko dan pelayan makanan.

September 22, 2019



Pelayan by itself was used for "waiter" in earlier lessons: is it really wrong to say " Pelayan toko dan pelyan?" What am I missing?


'pelayan' is a person that serves/helps (in the restaurant/shop/house/whatever...)

pelayan toko = shopkeeper
pelayan makanan = waiter
pelayan rumah = housekeeper


I agree with you here, I've never even heard people refer to waiters as "pelayan makanan" until now, only "pelayan"


If 'pelayan' is a servant or helper, wouldn't 'shop assistant' be a better translation for 'pelayan toko'? A shopkeeper is the owner and manager of a shop.


No one refers to waiter as "pelayan makanan", just "pelayan". Also, if earlier lessons even referred to waiter as "pelayan", it seems very disingenuous to penalize for not saying "pelayan makanan" here

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