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"There are very many streets in Rome."

Translation:Plurimae plateae sunt Romae.

September 23, 2019



Why are we not using viae here? I have never seen plateae ever as a Latin teacher.


Viae is accepted also.


No, unfortunately, "viae" are not accepted. I wrote: "Plurimae viae Romae sunt" and it occured to be wrong...


Why is it "sunt Romae?" Usually, placing "est" or "sunt" in the middle of a sentence means that thing X is really thing O (e.g. the room "is" clean).


Again , the word order is not that flexible . I wrote "Plateae Romae sunt plurimae." , and it was not accepted as correct . I don't understand . Can someone please help ?


Is "Plateae Romae sunt plurimae" wrong?


I would say it is correct. Duo's answer, "Plurimae plateae sunt romae" sounds like "Very many streets are in Rome" (but not all of them; in Naples we also have a few).

"Plateae Romae sunt plurimae", should translate as "The streets in Rome are very many", which more a less the same as "There are very many streets in Rome".

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