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Cannot add students to classes

Hello! Over the past few years I have not had any trouble at all adding students to a new class. This year I can't get it to work at all in one of my buildings. At my high school with hard-wired computers, no problems. At my elementary school they are on Chromebooks. Usually I post the "Join my classroom on Duolingo" link on Google Classroom and they all go and create accounts and it works fine. This year: only ONE kid showed up in my classroom, even though I went around and made sure they joined, and they did not get an error message on their side. For the next class, since I had that issue, I CREATED accounts beforehand for them and helped them log in. For these kids, I see them and can see their XP, but see nothing in the "class progress" report. Anyone else having issues?

September 23, 2019



Hi Michelle,

This is the first time I've heard this reported. I'm going to take a look in the Troubleshooting forum as well. You're getting upvotes so I assume others may have also encountered the problem.


Try this, Michelle: Have them make accounts FIRST, then have them click on the blue silhouette person in the upper right. Have them scroll down to "settings" and then to "progress sharing," and then give them the class code. I had a hard time with some of my students not showing up (using normal computers), so I did it this way yesterday and it worked fine for me. It actually took less time than scrolling through the names and figuring out who hadn't been added yet.

Hope this helps!

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