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"The student is in the market."

Translation:Discipula in foro est.

September 23, 2019



For some reason DL doesn't accept discipulus. Interesting that they allow women wives and men husbands, but it seems that studying is only for girls. I'll report.


How does one say “oy vey” in Latin?


why not "Discipulus in forum est"?


in with the accusative implies motion, in forum -> into the market, to the market

e.g. discipulus in forum it -> The student goes into/to the market.

in with the ablative implies location, in foro -> in the market, at the market


I didn't realize that a forum was a market.


I got a warning on "Discipulo in foro est", saying I spelled "Discipula" wrong. I think this is just a handling error, but I'm posting here to make sure I haven't misunderstood masculine/feminine/sentence function somehow.


The correct masculine form is "discipulus." "Discipulo" is the dative/ablative form of "discipulus."


Thanks for clearing that up! Glad I asked. "Discupulo" was one of the recommended words for it as well, which added to my confusion. It wouldn't know sentence placement, of course.


Why not "at the market ". It sounds better to me ,but I don't know if a different Latin construction would be needed

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