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Crashy, crashy Android app

Since the most recent update on June 16, I have been getting a lot of crashes in the middle of lessons on the Android app on my Nexus 7. Seems to only happen after I've completed one lesson. Last night, it was on the last question (grrr!!) of my second lesson of the night.

Anybody else?

June 20, 2014

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Hi 6stringbeliever thanks for the report! We are working on fixing this.


This has been happening to me every day for the past few days. It doesn't matter whether it's my first lesson of the day or not, either. I'll get a message saying, "Unfortunately, Duolingo has stopped," and then I'll be sent back to the main tree with all my lesson progress lost.

I'm running Android 4.4.2 on an HTC One.


I thought I'd start a discussion about this.
My device is Nexus 7, too. The app crashes at stated periods when using. One time the app crashed even though it was not in the foreground.


Having the same problem with my HTC One. Have noticed that it seems to happen a few minutes after I go into a discussion on a sentence. If I don't look at any discussions, it seems I can get through a lesson.


I tested this tonight, to see if I could get through a lesson on my HTC One with no crashes if I didn't look at any discussions. It crashed in less than thirty seconds. :(


Sorry to hear that. I got through five lessons today without crashes. I assume you've re-booted your phone, and logged out of DuoLingo and back on. If not, it's worth a try.


Yeah this is getting quite frustrating. Until a few days ago Duolingo had never crashed for me. Now it constantly crashes - like 3 times in 3 minutes if I am viewing the answer discussions, then often when I'm 2/3 through exercises. I'm sure most people with this problem don't post to the forum so I hope Duolingo developers go by the android crash reports instead of the forum.


The latest Android version app 2.5.5 fixes this issues. I will close this thread to avoid confusion in the future.


I am having the same problem. It is difficult to finish a lesson without the app crashing and returning to the lesson tree. I had never experienced Duolingo crashing prior to this update.

I am using a Samsung SM-T310 running Android 4.2.2.


Same problem here on Sony xperia z1 compact. The app has been completely useless the last couple of days. Will try to see if I can find a pattern. Android 4.4.2


I have today, after the recent app update, completed a couple of lessons with no breakdowns. Good work whatever you did :)


Also got the update today. Completed a lesson and viewed at least four discussions. No crash. Woohoo!

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