What is the meaning of these leagues? All are just about to score points and do it the easiest way by constantly repeating the beginner lessons in time mode. Each time 20 Points. I am surely not the best, but I reached place 7 in Diamant lig. I am able to make about 1000 Points in one hour. I cannot explain myself how people are able to make 1,276,876 points in one lig (place one in Diamant lig) or 450,010 Points (place two) or 284,855 Points (place 3). How can that be? A normal Student doing his lessons and LEARNING is getting only 15 Points and perhaps a Bonus of 5 Points. I think the legues are making that the people are not doing their normal lessons, they only want to make points. What is the meaning? What is the point? For me it was/is counterproductive. Altough I landed in 7th place in Diamant Lig, I find myself now in the Elmas Lig again, without any message. I do not think these leagues are having any sense. A real lig would be that people participating, only can make their normal lessons. Then it would be great, but only making points, points and more points does not make sense.

September 23, 2019

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