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(To course maintainers) Peccatum

Recently, I mistakenly answered "salvete quae nomina vobis sunt" for "Hello, what is your name?" and reported it as "My answer should be accepted." (damn my carelessness). Shortly I got the "We now accept this translation" email.

I think, that should be reverted.

September 23, 2019



Actually, it was I who accepted the translation, and added it. Because honestly, I do like the fact that you were thinking outside the box. Sure, 'What are your names' would be preferable for the English prompt. But you had everything correct there. Perhaps I'll add a new sentence, asking that specifically.


Thank you for clarifying. And thank you for what you are doing for the course. Actually, I'm quite impressed with how much alternative translations just a recently launched course has.


While I am not a moderator nor contributor on this forum, I do wish to reassure you that there are a number of checks that are gone through, and cross checks.

I would suggest that it was a small slip up in the system that this message was sent out to you. And I wish to assure you and others that this will have been corrected, that the incorrect translation will not be included in the list of acceptable translations for that sentence.

Thank you for your concern in this regard, for we also care deeply about quality. And again I reassure you, we contributors and course creators and maintainers, we have this.


Ummm - ok correction to this, can you go through why you consider your alternative response is incorrect. Being:

Salvete, quae nomina vobis sunt.

I do not know Latin. However I believe that is a valid alternate response.


If you're talking to a hive mind that speaks Latin but is generally considered a singular entity in your own culture, possibly it would be a defensible translation.


wow - good point ;P


I thought about something like that, and decided it was too complicated for that skill :)


I believe I am being a bit "tongue in cheek" by my comment, due to my interpretation of the comment by the grand garpike.

edited - often I know garpike to say very witty things, such as my interpretation of their comments above.


You, and perhaps others, may also like to read: What I wrote was a bit harsh. Sorry about that. I do not ever mean to be harsh.

I would prefer to say,
Perhaps it may also be interesting for learners such as I to read :


Nevermind. Having another highly inflected language as native (Russian), I very well understand the importance of the word order and how it shifts the meaning of a sentence.


Thank you for responding. I should have wrote "To course maintainers", for clarity.

It should be "salve quid nomen tibi est".
"salvete quae nomina vobis sunt" is for plural You, like "Hello, what are your names?"


Thank you for clarifying this for a learner such as I.

As you may be aware we GA's are volunteers, and also scattered across the world in different time zones. And it may be for the course maintainers for this course that it is a bit after midnight, or in the middle of their working day, or they are attending to important family matters, or care for themselves, for example. So it may take a while for a response on this.

I do though wish to assure you also that this issue is on the radar.

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