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Help For Google Account Recovery For Android

How to Google Account Recovery For Android

Google account can be considered as the king of emails as it is preferred by maximum users across the world. With lots of interesting features, people are fond of using the Google account and also save a lot of personal and professional data to the account. But, it has been observed that with the increase of cybercrimes, the accounts are hacked continuously. So, the users were advised to keep changing their passwords to protect their accounts from hacking.

Also, by doing so, people got confused with their passwords. So, if you are also one such user who has forgotten your Google account password then you shall not panic. You can follow Google Account Recovery For Android phone steps which are mentioned below.

Getting Back Access to Google Account in Simple Ways!

  1. Visit a web browser and go to the Google recovery page.
  2. Enter the username that you want to recover in the sign-in page displayed in front of you and click “Next”.
  3. When the recovery page is displayed in front of you, select any one recovery option stated from three.
  4. If you chose recovery using security question then you may answer the question correctly when the question is displayed.
  5. In case of choosing recovery with the help of email then enter the alternate email in the required space and tap “Send Email”.
  6. Check the email inbox and follow the steps after clicking the link.
  7. And if you are going with the recovery using phone number then check the number linked to the account and click “Send code” option.
  8. Check the verification code received to you on the SMS and enter the same in the screen space and move further.
  9. Google will then be checking the verification code from its server and then will ask to create a new password. Hence, make sure you enter a password which is easy to remember. In case you are still unable to get back your account then you are free to contact Google account recover or technical support phone number number which is 24/7 active.

For More Help: https://www.quicktechnicalsupport.com/google-account-recovery-phone-number

September 23, 2019

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