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Suggestion: Minimising re-edits

I've noticed some back and forth editting, and occasionally even editting to possibly less optimal translations.

I thought some indication that previous translators agree with the current edit might cut down on the number of changes, as might some indication on the total number of translators who approved a particular edit. (might discourage needless translation when one translation is as good as another)

A possible visual implementation:

1) When you hover over a translation in revision history - a coloured tick appears at the front of the translations of previous translators who have returned to the piece and given it another tick.

Ie. 'These translators agree with the newest revision'.

2) The total number of translators who approve a translation is indicated in brackets at the beginning of that translation in revision history.

April 21, 2013



Good ideas! I especially like 2)


Definitely number 2! I know I have changed some translations that previous translators agreed with. Most of the translations were quite literal where the translator went word for word and used words from the suggestion list or the translation did not fit the style of the document. Sometimes, even though they have been agreed to by a person, some are outright incorrect. I've found misspelled English words in the translations. Not good:) I would help me if I saw that say a half dozen people agree with the current translation.


I agree -this would be a useful addition for less experienced readers as it would give some indication as to whether a translation was actually correct or not. Also maybe a return to the reward system in the old format when another translator agrees with your translation would be useful.

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