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"The farmer builds the building."

Translation:Agricola aedificium construit.

September 23, 2019



aedificat (aedificare) means also: "to build, erect, construct, make etc."


What's the difference between condire and construere?


Condire is to found, to establish, for instance a city
examples: as a settler, a conqueror, the first mayor, the one who order, or who give funds, or supervise the works for creating a city, for instance from a desert spot, etc...

(but probably not only a city, also some figurative things are possible like a firm.)

Construere is to build, physically, usually.
You take trowel and cement, and you build.
It can be taken figuratively with a master architect for instance, as he doesn't take personally the trowel, but build using his workers, and direct them, the workers being figuratively like his own hands...

Spanish: construir, French: construire, etc...

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