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"The farmer builds the building."

Translation:Agricola aedificium construit.

September 23, 2019



What's the difference between condire and construere?


Condire is to found, to establish, for instance a city
examples: as a settler, a conqueror, the first mayor, the one who order, or who give funds, or supervise the works for creating a city, for instance from a desert spot, etc...

(but probably not only a city, also some figurative things are possible like a firm.)

Construere is to build, physically, usually.
You take trowel and cement, and you build.
It can be taken figuratively with a master architect for instance, as he doesn't take personally the trowel, but build using his workers, and direct them, the workers being figuratively like his own hands...

Spanish: construir, French: construire, etc...


aedificat (aedificare) means also: "to build, erect, construct, make etc."


Then why does Duolingo give "condit" as one of the hints for "build" in this sentence (and other similar ones)?


To build and to found exist in English too !!!


Without a doubt, farmers can build a wooded barn but found a city it’s probably extremely rare

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