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  5. "Iter longum facis."

"Iter longum facis."

Translation:You make a long journey.

September 23, 2019



Possible pronunciation problems in this sentence:

  • the i in iter sounds long to me, when I believe it should be short.
  • The a in facis should also be short.

I've reported this as "The audio does not sound correct."


Sounds like a threat.


Why facit instead of facis when the subject is You?


The sentence in the question is "Iter longum facis." It does not contain the word facit.


I heard and wrote 'facit', erroneously, and it accepted it without warning. I see that it should have been 'facis', but I think that is what David is referencing.


I put You make the journey long, which sounds rather rude - you are such boring company!


Why exactly is "You will make a long journey." an incorrect translation?


"You will make …" implies an event in the future, so would require the future tense, facies. This Latin sentence contains the present tense, facis, so needs to be translated into the present tense in English: "You make a long journey". The present progressive, "You are making a long journey", might also be accepted.


I see. This is the first time I have read that there even is a future tense in Latin. So far, Duolingo has failed to mention it.


• iter, itineris (3rd declension) n.

case singular plural
nominative iter itinera
vocative iter itinera
genitive itineris itinerum
dative itineri itineribus
ablative itinere itineribus
accusative iter itinera


the pronunciation on some audios of this course can be really misleading

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