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  5. "Unamwangalia nani?"

"Unamwangalia nani?"

Translation:Whom are you looking at?

September 23, 2019



Not sure where to report that. Some of the new voices have a really low volume and are barely audible. This one here is an example. On the other hand, the original voice is so loud that I usually have to turn down the volume to almost zero (not a big issue).


I agree, it's a nuisance.


Should the English read, "Whom are you looking at?"


'Who are you looking at' must also be accepted (it isn't).

It has long been common, particularly in informal English, for the uninflected form who to be used in both cases, thus replacing whom in the contexts where the latter was traditionally used.

Btw: the audio says na'ni (stress on last syllable). Hardly correct, is it?


Yes, 'Who are you looking at' is widely used, 'Whom' would sound pretentious or very formal.


I agree as well! I think 'Who' and 'Whom' should be accepted, just so the nerds among us can be tickled by the technicality, though even my English-grammar nerd friends do say 'Who' far more often in casual conversation!


Uh oh! I just got this question again and it marked "Who are you looking at?" as incorrect! They should definitely both be accepted!!!

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