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  5. "Unamwangalia nani?"

"Unamwangalia nani?"

Translation:Whom are you looking at?

September 23, 2019



Not sure where to report that. Some of the new voices have a really low volume and are barely audible. This one here is an example. On the other hand, the original voice is so loud that I usually have to turn down the volume to almost zero (not a big issue).


I agree, it's a nuisance.


At whom are you looking......whom because it is the object of the sentence, and don't finish sentence with a preposition...think that's right


Fowler's Modern English Usage calls saying that a preposition must be put before the word it governs "a cherished superstition." There are times when a sentence flows more easily if the preposition is at the end.


"At whom are you looking?" Must be accepted a) if you're going to use correct grammar and b) if you're going to have "whom" in the sentece. "Who are you looking at?" Is idiomatically correct too. 20201126


The audio is terrible! 20201126


I'm not sure what the "mw" infix stands for. Can I say the same thing with "anaangalia nani"?


I've turned the volume right up and can still hardly hear the audio.


How would you say whom are you speaking to? Unamsema nani?

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