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  5. "E pule ma mua o ka ʻai."

"E pule ma mua o ka ʻai."

Translation:Pray before eating.

September 23, 2019



How is it 'before eating'? Please advise.

  • "ma mua" = closely translated to "before" in english, notice it uses "ma" particle (in/on/at) + " mua" (before, first)

  • "ka ʻai" = eating. This is understood to be the infinitive form of the verb ʻai = "to eat". When in this form, it is a noun-like usage in Hawaiian meaning " the habitual activity that is to eat." When you say " ma mua o ka ʻai" you are really saying something like "at the space/time called "before" of the habitual activity that is to eat." Which in English is "before eating" lol.

  • so now we have finally: "E pule ma mua o ka ʻai." Pray (in suggestion form) in the before-spacetime of the habitual activity that is to eat," or just "Pray before eating."

Hope this helps you! You really asked a loaded question lol.


Thank you! Do you know why it is not "ka 'ai 'ana"?

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Thank you, this is great. This type of explanation really helps me understand the grammar rather than just trying to notice the patterns


Ka 'ai, but not the eating. The use of articles confuses me.

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