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Music in Arabic

Hi! I just started learning Arabic and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of music in Arabic.

I saw a post way back when of someone asking this about French and I found some good music then. So if anyone had any suggestions I would be very happy!

Anyway, thank you for reading this and I wish you happy learning!

September 23, 2019



Try to hear fairouz/ Majida Al-Roumi/julia boutros/melhem barakat/kazem alsaher/hiba tawaji/sabah fakhri/wael kfoury/nancy ajram/mayada bsilis/najwa karam/marwan khoury...........................


I've found some great stuff on Spotify. There's actually an Arab section.


Actually glad you are interested, music is a great way to learn a language (alongside other methods of course). It's great that you want to hear it, that way you will be exposed to different dialects and expressions too! This will be a looong list, but here are some popular singers/songs: Saad Lamjarred's got many hits, I suggest you try listening to all of them if one doesn't suit your taste. They all sound different: Ykhalik Lili-Ensay - Lm3allem -Mal Hbibi Malou - Casablanca - Ghazali - Ghaltana - Salina Salina Jassim & Alturky & Al Abdullah - تعال Hussain Al Jassmi - Boshret Kheir Nancy Ajram (she has A LOT of songs to check out) Fares Karam (singer) Moustafa Hagag - Ya Mna3n3 Najwa Karam (singer) Sabah Rola - Yana Yana Myriam Fares (singer) Balqees (singer) Tamer Hosny (singer) Waleed Al Shami (singer) نور الزين + غزوان الفهد / جيناك بهاية (song) This is pretty long, I hope you find something you can enjoy!


Super sad no one's mentioned Amr Diab yet (okay I know this chat is really old, and I'm sure no one will read this, but I need something to do in qurantine. Egyptains call him the fourth pyramid. His songs have been translated into so many languages. One of his songs (I forgot, sorry) has been translated fifty times-ten of those fifty were Hindi alone. I hate to say that he might even be better than Billie Eilish (but hey, she's just starting). There's also Ehab Tawfik and Moustafa' 'Amar, they're super amazing. Hany Shaker is also a really big one. Mo7amad Hamaqi is really popular, and Shereen. Mo7amad Ramadan is apparently the most popular singer in africa (an award he won in 2019 before singing Bum Bum, the most annoying song in the arab world), but I think he's a much better actor. Tamer Hosny is basically the Justin Beiber of the middle east, but he's so ugly (These are all Egyptian). If you want lebanese, there's Najwa Karam (but after 2016, not so much). There's also Ragheb 3alama and Nancy Ajram. If you're looking for Khaliji, there's A7lam, but she's not so great. There's mo7ammad 3abdo, though. And there's new singer that came out of The Voice-her name is Domo3 (that means tears). If you're more interested in classics, in the middle east, Fayrouz is called the 'queen of mornings.' In fact, there's a little cafe in Jordan where they play Fayrouz for all of their open hours! Edit: wow this list is long.


Here is a link with Arabic music and their subtitles. Maybe you might like the one or another.



i can give u some religious songs ( called madahi ) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLlMiPx_v5jFahvImDu_EFQ (basim karbalai) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoh6UUUq_vhX403HSCKgCHA (Hussein faisal ) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTqwbxITb2UcvhngW1CcFIg (nazar alqatari { have some mixed with persian and arabic })


I've listened to a lot of Jannat / Jannat Mahid's music. She is a Moroccon-Arabic pop singer who sings in lots of different dialects and I absolutely love her songs. Listening to Arabic songs is one of the reasons I'm motivated to learn this language =). There is also Nancy Ajram, another pop singer and Ziad Bourjee - a lot of this music I found on spotify.


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