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  5. "I walk into the city early."

"I walk into the city early."

Translation:Mane in urbem ambulo.

September 23, 2019



«ambulo» etymon est verbi quod romanice dicitur «andar/andare», in lingua hispanica et itala, respective.


In French, two words borrowed in English: "ambulance" (ambulance) and "ambulatoire" (ambulatory).

But also: "déambuler" = to stroll, to wander.
And "ambulant" = itinerant, travelling, like a street vendor.

If "ambulant" exist, it means "ambuler" exists too (meaning to walk without a goal, at a slow pace.) does exist, but this verb is rare and almost dead in modern French. "Ambulant" directly gave "ambulance"

In French, evolution of the endings: -er (verb) -> -ant (= present participle, turning a verbo into a verbal adjective)-> -ance (substantivation of the verbal adjective)


What is the rule for placing adverbs? 'Ambulo in urbem mane' was marked wrong.


My word order should be acceptable


I used ego, and this was marked wrong. Is it incorrect or just unnecessary? (mane ego... etc etc)


Ego ambulo............ I amble.

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