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  5. "اَلْباب باب جَديد وَجَميل."

"اَلْباب باب جَديد وَجَميل."

Translation:The door is a new and pretty door.

September 24, 2019



The natural translation in English is 'a pretty new door.' Nobody would say 'a new and pretty door' because: 1 - in English we don't use 'and' when putting multiple adjectives before a noun. 2 - in English 'opinion' adjectives (e.g. pretty) go before factual information adjectives (e.g. new).


I agree, the translation isnt natural and could be answered both literally and natural should be accepted.


Actually, to say 'It's a pretty new door' without any comma (pretty, new door) would be a comment on its newness not it's prettiness.


I answered: "The door is a pretty new door" and it said it's wrong. Any ideas why?


Arabic language follows a nested loop of sorts for [subject]:[applicable things to the subject] and in the latter grouping (the "applicable things to a subject") the Arabic to English is always reversed ... why, I do not know. Native Arabic speakers please help?

So for example, "My [big hungry] [[dog]] ran into my {new cold} {{garage}}" becomes (in Arabic): "{ركض [[كلبي]] [الجائع الكبير] في {{كراجي}} {الباردة الجديدة" which (word for word) is, "ran [[my dog]] [hungry big] into {{my garage}} {cold new}". Hope that (and the brackets) make sense! :)


Please correct me if im wrong, im not a native speaker, but he means (1) the question does not make grammatical sense in arabic - the "الباب باب" translation is "the door a door"; and therefore (2) the answer that is accepted "the door is..." may be reached intuitively but is actually very incorrect.


Just correct my arabic not english plzzz


Why is "The door is a new and beautiful door" refused? I thought that jamiil was pretty/beautiful, same meaning?


I think the question & answer is wrong.


What is wrong about them?


My answer the door is pretty new door..you said it 's wrong why?!


My translation is not wrong


'The door is a beautiful new door" should be accepted.


My answer was right why did u put wrong .it matches your

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