"I or he?"

Translation:Saya atau dia?

September 24, 2019



Suppose to be "Me or him/her?" Is it?


Yes, in british english this translation phrase should only be "him or me", In that order. We never say "I or he" or "he or I".

Can't say for american english though, as they mix subject pronouns and object pronouns all over the place.


If the response is not a complete sentence, I feel like the object pronoun sounds most natural, even if it's not the pronoun one would use to mirror the original question.

For example: if someone asked "who said that?", I might answer "me!" or "I said that"--but never just "I."


What's the difference between Dia and Ia?!


The other person should always come first. He and I are going. Or the book was going to him or me. Word choice dependent on subjective or objective case. Word order is wrong either way.

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In standard English, yes. I just think Duolingo is trying to imitate the order in the original sentence as closely as possible.


It’s always going to be a fine line between a literal, word for word translation and a looser more natural one. However if the literal translation is not correct usage in the target language it's not the one to use.

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