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Anybody else trying to learn Arabic?

I am learning Arabic here since the first day it was available. From English because I was waiting for so long. French is my mother tongue, as a Quebecer. At the beginning, it was fun to follow the board of leaders, but now, not really, it takes me at this level 5-7 minutes per exercice and I have to be concentrated. It is with no doubt much harder to learn Arabic when you are a French, English, Spanish natives, than to learn English for everyone who have learn to write with the alphabet that I use now, than with the Arabic alphabet (or Chinese, or Japanese or...). I can witness, I've learn English and Spanish easily long before Duolingo. I would like to be compare with people trying to learn a language by level considering the mother language. Anyone thinking the same?

September 24, 2019



Regarding "Anyone else trying to learn Arabic?",
I would like to study Arabic but, the font that Duolingo has chosen is too difficult for me to read.


Forget the leagues and go on in your pace!


you're in the truth !

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I used to compete on the leaderboard or whatever they call it. Now I've stopped doing that and switched the board off. I've discovered some people are cheating there too. Good luck learning! Just do it on your own pace. If there is a day you feel tired or simply not in the mood, don't force it. You will not be receptive if your mood is not ready (been there, done that).
Even though, to become a professional at something, anything, one has to overcome the mood swings I guess.


How can you cheat there? Either you practice or not!


Yeah that is a fair statement. But keep in mind moderators and engineers at Duo have a lot to do,create,fix etc. This would be a nice tweak, but it is not crucial as to tend to it immediately. As others have suggested, go in your own pace, we are here to learn first and foremost, not to proove something to someone. Good luck!


Could you elaborate more about the hard parts? I mean, you know how to read long ago, otherwise you wouldn't be at your current level. I would think the grammar is hard on those not used to it, but the alphabet is hard only on the first phases. Another thing that might be hard is all the new consonants that don't exist in many other languages, especially غ ع ح خ ط ظ. But then again, once you practice more, you get used more to the sounds. So could you please explain what is the harder part?


Arabic ranks on position 2 of the most difficult languages someone can learn. One main reason is the short writing in Arabic. This means the missing vowels. So, it is much harder to learn Arabic because you can only read and understand the words when you know them otherwise it is a real jiggsaw puzzle. And because of this problem there is not that much available for learning with. Only when you are an advanced beginner then you can also use more sources. For a very beginner there are only course books or children books for children in the first degree or so available. Even as I found bilingual children books in Arabic and English they already were without vowel signs. And the second main problem is the problem of the dialects. In Arabic there is not that much available which teaches MSA and is written in a good quality. If you look to English, Spanish, German, Portugese and so on you will find main of the books which helps to learn the language in their "standard" language. But if it comes to Arabic we find a lot of things which are called MSA but then very often mixed with dialects or even having a lot of mistakes. This will only look different if you want to learn the language of Quran (Fusha). Just last weekend I opened one of my best course books and at the secand page a native told me that there is a mistake. And this is the standard with this people have to deal if it comes to learn Arabic.


I speak Farsi, similar to Urdu and Hindi. 36% of the words I was able to understand, Arabic comes quite naturally for me.

Is it weird that I think French and Arabic is awfully sounds alike? Like the 'KHA' sound.

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French does not have KHA sound.


It does. Some examples are, the number "quatre" or "quatorze".

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you mean GH then غ

I thought you were speaking of خ (German/Scottish CH).

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